Module Day/Light Switch 16A

Synerji 16 Amp module day/night switch automatically switches light circuits on at dusk and off at dawn. For use in residential homes, office parks, driveways, etc. Ideal for a more concealed look.


  • Part Number: STSYDNS316MOD
  • Module type
  • 250V Max
  • 16A Resistive 
  • 60 LUX +/- 12
  • Rating IP54
  • Comply with SABS 1777

Electrical Data:

Output: Relay, normally closed, or close on fail.
Supply Voltage: 230VAC ± 20V, 50Hz.
Power Consumption (without load): <2W.

Max. Switching Power: 16Amp for Incandescent, 8Amp for Fluorescent lamps.

Optical Data:
Switching Level "ON": 60Lux, ± 12
Switching Level "OFF": 90 Lux or ± 1.5x "ON" level.
Switching Delay: 20 - 30 second.

Environmental Data:
Protective Rating: IP54
Temperature: -20 to + 80° c