Bell Press Dimmer 125W (0.5A)


125W Trailing Edge dimmer compatible with approved 230VAC and Low Voltage “dimmable” LED, Halogen and Incandescent lamps. Smaller in size and can be used where space in wall box is limited. For use with up to 6 GU10 LED lamps per dimmer.


Operation: Press bell-press switch once to turn on or off. Press and hold switch to dim up or down, release switch at desired level.

Memory: Lights will turn on to the same level as when they were turned off if power is not interrupted. After a power failure if lights were off they will remain off when power resumes. After a power failure if lights were on they will revert to 50% intensity when the power resumes.

Installation: By a qualified electrician in compliance with the local code of practice. Wire according to the wiring diagram. Never connect white control wires to live. Internal use only. Connect the two white wires to the other switch. NO live strapper.

Click bell-press 7 times for compatibility with Synerji LEDs,

Not suitable for wire-wound transformers.